Shipping Agency

Ocean Crown L.L.C your trustful and energetic agent “Owner’s agents” & “Charterer’s agents” dry bulk cargo ships, general-purpose ships, liners (container, break-bulk and Ro-Ro).

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Ocean Crown L.L.C ?offers?quickly and efficiently services ?to take care of all the regular routine tasks to ensure that essential supplies, crew transfers, customs documentation are all arranged with the port authorities without delay, providing all updates and reports on activities at the destination port so that our agents have up-to-the-minute information available to them at all times while goods are in transit.?

Standard Liner Agency services (port dues, provisioning, tugs and pilotage, repairs, etc.).

Ocean Crown L.L.C agency services include:

– Prior to a ship’s arrival in port,? the duties begin with pre-arrival planning for the ship’s port call.?
– notifies the port of the ship’s pending arrival ensuring a quick berth for the incoming ship.
– Arranging for the pilot and the tugs? & arrange for a suitable berth.
– Send loading plan to stevedores; drawing up of a discharging plan.
– Assist the master and his crew.
– Reception of cargo plan and manifests per port and cargo documents for the customs and Port services.
– Arranging for the necessary ship fresh water/provisions.
– Arranging for storage bunkers if these are needed.
– Arranging for the necessary repairs.
– Conveying instructions to and from the ship owner.
– Organizing the supply, transport and the handling of the goods.
– Organizing the necessary contacts with the stevedores.
– Collecting freights, cargoes.
– Contacting shippers and the receivers of the goods.
– Advise the expected time of departure (E.T.D.).
– Arrange for loading, discharging, provisioning and bunkering of the ship.
– The signing on and signing off of crew members.
– Mail the notices of arrival to receivers.
– Contact receivers/forwarders to agree on means of reception of the goods.
– Prepare the delivery orders, freight and/or reception invoices.
– Deliver goods on the exchange for the delivery order.
– Appointment of a surveyor in the case of dispute regarding damages to the cargo.?
– Prepare a report to the owners in connection with damages.